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Angular I am currently involved in the development of the admin panel for telephony. This is Example of my presentation of a task to a client
React example of a task I did while studying React
HTML, CSS good knowledge my example
SASS, LESS I use this
Adaptive site layout Bootstrap 4 and manual processing
Git I use this
Javascript, JQuery I use thismy example
MySQL background knowledge
PHP I did theme extensions and shortcodes for WordPress, edits for sites on the MVC frameworks Kohana, Codeigniter, Zend  my example

Experience with image editors
CorelDraw good my example
Photoshop website designs my exampleand more. To demonstrate the skill next this will be an example of Instagram design. 

Examples of my sites on CMS
logo Modx    logo WordPress  logo Joomla
In addition, I worked with sites on Simpla and OpenCart.


Recently, for about a year, I've only been doing Frontend - mostly Angular, and a little React.

My previous experience with the Web was related to SEO and Yandex, Google.AdWords, SMM, target, and Youtube. This was all in Russia a year ago. 


Ferrocom - metallurgical company

So far I consider one of the best sites created by me It is not very beautiful, but for a year (from may 2018 to may 2019) I turned 20 page site with poor SEO without layout for mobile in a large-scale project.




  • Redrawn the graphics - raster and vector, which is displayed without blurring on mobile devices.
  • Unique section "help from Mendeleev".
  • Created feedback forms on every page and increased the site's conversion rate.
  • <
  • The average annual stagnation and decline in site traffic turned into an average growth of 45%.
  • Along the way, Youtube channel is one of the basics of seo promotion of this site.

Growth chart for Ferrocom's website
Ferrocom site visit schedule.


Auto Alarm in Tomsk sity

Before that, a large-scale project was The resource is more than 10 years old, it has always been the first in the output for an important request for the company " car alarms Tomsk" and related queries. I started running it in early 2016, the site was made on the ancient Joomla. Website Program Auditor showed hundreds of errors, and the project gradually lost its position. I completely moved the content (content) to another CMS MODX platform, redrawn the design to your own, fixed bugs and now search engines love it again but even stronger.

 Adaptive site< / p>


Dance hall of Galina Volkova

I have created more than 30 sites where I often did the design myself, but I especially like the one where I drew the design Hope Asadchikov. This is the website of the dance hall of Galina Volkova.

 Website of the dance hall of Galina Volkova


car Alarm system Pandora Tomsk

I can also work with a site written from scratch or on a framework (I have experience with Kohana, Codeignaiter, Zend). I had more than a year of administration experience written from scratch I fixed a lot of SEO bugs and made the site adaptive. For the desired search query "Pandora Tomsk", the site takes the first or second place in search engines.

 site Pandora Tomsk


Car noise Insulation in Tomsk sity

for More than a year, I have been running a website on car noise Insulation in Tomsk. This is one of the sites that I created from the very beginning and made completely, including the design and content. 



Car Alarm system StarLine in Tomsk sity

And a couple of sites that I created on MODX and set up SEO well. StarLine car alarms in Tomsk. I completely redesigned this site on MODX with a couple of handwritten admin panel curves full of viruses, and replaced the design with my own.

 StarLine car Alarms in Tomsk


InstallAuto car Service in Tomsk

InstallAuto car Service in Tomsk. I didn't do the design here. But the appearance is well modified,

 car repair site InstallAuto Tomsk